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Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Services USA Corporation (AIS) is a full service “insurtech” insurance agency developing new data science-based products and services for the future of transportation and the on-demand mobility industry.

Our initial focus is on rideshare, carshare, on-demand delivery fleets along with new concepts of vehicle ownership such as subscription lease models.

Our research and development efforts include better understanding the new data that becomes available from autonomous vehicle evolution, and the new risk challenges and coverage needs the will bring.

Today we represent a number of insurers to handle the unique insurance needs of mobility transportation. In addition, we are developing a commercial insurance product that takes advantage of our specialized data science efforts created specifically for the on-demand mobility industry.

AIS is a subsidiary of Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co. Ltd and member of MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, Inc.


Our vision is to revolutionize the on-demand mobility transportation industry by creating cutting edge technology, and specialized insurance products all while using advanced data science to manage risk, “right-size” insurance costs, and prepare for the evolution of mobility transportation.

Advanced Technology Group (ATG)

The ATG focus is on data science covering the advanced mobility and transportation ecosystem. We offer data consulting, cutting edge telematics products, and utilize our strategic partnerships to address the evolving on-demand mobility industry, and the coming wave of autonomous transportation.



Mobility on the Edge in Real-Time is an unparalleled data analytics software platform measuring driver and vehicle performance down to the mile.


Fleet Insurance speciality product

Currently in development, our specialty fleet insurance product utilizes MOTER to “right-size” insurance cost using advanced data analytics and telematics scoring. Our unique rating model was developed specifically for the mobility industry to solve the ongoing challenges faced by both insurance companies and fleet owners to retain profitability making insurance coverage more acessible and accurately priced.


Insurance Services

At AIS, we offer a variety of insurance policies representing multiple insurers to cover all your needs as a leader in mobility transportation. From understanding your specific Auto Liability insurance coverage requirements – whether we are covering Period 0-3, protecting your assets, or satisfying state financial responsibility laws – we can assist in finding the coverage your business needs.

We Offer

Auto Liability, Physical Damage, General Liability, Excess Liability, Cyber Liability, Management Liability, Product Liability, and more

Target Classes

Rideshare, Carshare, Delivery Services, Vehicle Subscriptions, Autonomous or Semi-Autonomous Vehicle Fleets, and any transportation fleets with a focus in on-demand mobility.

News & insights

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